Some readers may know of some of my prior blogs. There have been at least half a dozen since I started blogging around 2002. Only one of those (aside from this one) currently exists, and my last photography-related blog was eventually scrapped because it no longer fit what I wanted to do or provide. There are plenty of photo bloggers out there slinging around tech tips and ideas for making money from your photography business, and that's what I was trying to do for a little while, but that's not how I operate and I'm not about to fake it for the sake of page views. 

For someone who's been a compulsive writer since the age of ten and a totally obsessed photo nerd since fourteen, blogging about photography has been a strangely tricky thing. I suppose it could accurately be said that this difficulty has largely stemmed from having attempted to make what I thought the market might want to exist, rather than what I wanted to exist. This is not the best way to go about things. 

I am now here to do what I should have done long ago: embrace the eccentric weirdo that I am, do what I do well, and to share what I find to be valuable. 

This first post finds me working a full time job plus several side jobs while working to formally start a business here in Japan and engage in art-making as fully as possible during what time that I can manage to put aside. I am scheduling shooting, developing, and editing in between client meetings and lectures. On top of this, I am doing my best to maintain a happy, healthy relationship with my fiancée, despite the madness that is having a personal life in Tokyo. 

In short, I am spread thin and working like hell. Still, life is good, and rare have been the times when I have felt as compelled as now to make art and to share good things with the world at large. I cannot make any promises about how often this blog will be updated or with what, except to say that it will be updated when I have something worthwhile to share. Quality over quantity.