Things are about to get busy

Under the JR Line tracks in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo. ©2017 David R Munson

I moved to Japan on March 31, 2015, with the long-term intention of building a creative career here. As many do, however, I got mired in the slog of teaching language day in and day out, and didn't make the progress with my entrepreneurship that I had hoped to make, mostly because of the way that chronic lack of sleep cripples one's ability to think critically and get much done outside of work. 

Eventually, however, a line must be drawn in the sand, or a situation such as this will continue indefinitely. As such, in January I am stepping off the plank and hoping I can swim. From January 18, I will be working only part time at my current day job and will thereby free up three additional days a week to devote to building my business. 

Getting out of full-time English teaching while remaining in Japan is a challenge, especially given that my Japanese language is perhaps ironically poor, given that between my current five jobs (4 of which are teaching English) I have had neither the time nor the budget to enroll in Japanese classes, and have also found myself in an English bubble for the majority of the day, most days. Still, I am committed to making this leap one way or another. I don't expect it to be easy, but I will stop at nothing short of getting out  of EFL and doing what I came here to do.

I am writing about the process of getting the business off the ground, as well as related topics, over on a new personal blog called The Convergence Factor (which you may recognize from prior projects if you've known me a while). I'm living where I want to live, now it's a matter of doing what I want to do, which means making a living from creative work. 

Please check back here as well and subscribe through your preferred RSS aggregator. The relative silence of my photographic presence in the last few years should now be balanced out by a swarm of activity going into 2018. There will be photos, videos, essays, you name it. I have languished  as a depressed English teacher long enough. It's time to rock out like the weird photographer and essayist that I have always been.

Portraiture Services Page Published

The portraiture services page is up as of 2017-10-31, at least in a rudimentary capacity. I will be adding additional information including specific examples of packages and more specific rate information in the coming weeks.