This is a page summarizing what I'm doing now. Now as in currently. It is updated fairly regularly with an earnest interest in keeping it current.

What I'm up to now (in no particular order whatsoever):

  • Working entirely too much 6-6.5 days a week between 5 jobs to get a lot done and get money together for various things, including:
    • Moving to a new apartment with my fiancée (moving can be heinously expensive here)
    • Getting married
    • Legally starting a company here in Japan
      • This will be Aleatorist Media, a media production and publishing company
    • Getting a studio space set up in the near-ish
  • Making images for several projects, including a project documenting payphones and telephone booths in the nighttime urban landscape of Tokyo
  • Getting back to writing seriously and redeveloping my blog project Somewhere in Japan
  • Writing other things for my behind-the-scenes blog about trying to GTFO full time English teaching over at The Convergence Factor
  • Trying to start using Japanese more in everyday life and attempting to pop the English language bubble in which I live
  • Forgetting what I'm doing because I'm not exactly sleeping enough
  • Getting my shit together in any way I can because I'm getting married and it's wonderful and terrifying
  • Working toward my goal of being permanently out of full-time EFL by 2018-03-31

Page last updated 2017-09-14