2019-03-18 Monday

New Site, New Blog, New Direction

I just migrated my site from Squarespace to a new WordPress build in the interest of having more control over everything and having more options in the future. As much as I liked the ease of everything with Squarespace, I was running into too many limitations, so I’ve gone back to the more complex but more powerful option. Not everything is finished yet, so please bear with me.

The blog section of the site is going to begin growing soon, initially featuring some reposts of things from my old Photo Otaku blog, but overall the thrust of it is going to be a bit different from in the past. Yes, there will still be some technical articles, but I’m more interested in documenting and exploring the creative side of photography. There are more than enough people out there blogging about gear and retouching and whatever else.

I don’t see much point in me posting about many technical things unless there’s something unique I can add or if it’s something I particularly enjoy.

I will be producing videos and adding them to my YouTube channel (now at /davidmunson, without the middle initial). Please note that I no longer have access to my old YouTube channel (/davidrmunson), which only had two videos anyway but at least the spelling was consistent with the rest of my branding. Oh well, such is life. [UPDATE: I may be able to get access to it again, will update]

The videos will be rough at first, but will hopefully improve pretty quickly. I’m a still photographer, but am throwing myself at learning the ropes with video. My friends have been pushing me to do this for ages, I have the software already, there’s really no excuse for me to avoid it any longer.

I will be rolling out print sales of both limited and open edition prints, as well as some publications.

Services including portraiture and commissions are already available, and I am considering introducing coaching services to assist other photographers better thrive in their creative practice. I’ve been doing this informally for years, and want to do it more actively as part of my business. I love helping people, and coaching is part of that. The question is one of available time, so it may not show up for a while, but I suspect it’s basically inevitable.

Finally, it’s worth noting that I am hoping to have a studio space by the end of summer. Getting my photography business up and running again is a challenge here in Japan for a variety of reasons. Still, getting a dedicated workspace again is critical for my work in the long term. I came to Japan to build an interesting life and make interesting work, and that workspace will make a huge difference in my ability to do that.

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